Innovation Train from the Future of Work

A train that increases productivity and boosts creativity and wellbeing

Photo by Johannes Hofmann on Unsplash

While I was traveling on a train, and working, a possibility about the future of work hit me. It is year 2031, you left your apartment at 8 a.m. to take the train to work, not to commute to work, but to work from the train. It is called “InnovTrack”, where great ideas get carried away.

The train has very comfortable seats that each is equipped like an office. Usually, your team reserve car #3, but today, you prefer to work from the car open to all individuals in your industry, as you would like to network and share ideas with others.

The train travels at a slow speed through the state’s most beautiful scenes, while you are taking a Zoom call with your team in Europe, and without the need for a fake background. The train then stops for a quick workout in the nature, followed by a healthy farm-to-table lunch. Instead of going back to your seat/office on the train, you grab coffee from the train’s cafeteria, “InnovCafé”, and then you head to the train’s rooftop, “InnovTop”. Now that you are recharged, and while the train makes its way back to the city, you continue working from the rooftop.

Forgot to mention, when the train stopped for lunch, local farmers supplied an onboard Whole Foods store with local produce, so you can shop your groceries for dinner before leaving the train.

To be continued…



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