The Three Phases of Life

My updated version of a meme I saw few years ago

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I remember I saw a meme once explaining life as “Birth > WTF > Death”. While it is funny, I still think about it everyday and how we can skip this WTF phase of life. Let me get straight to the point and explain my updated version of this meme, and the three phases of life:

  1. Life 101 phase 🍼
  2. WTF phase 😐
  3. Do not give a f*ck phase 😃

Life 101 phase 🍼:

You are born in this phase, without your permission 😂, and technically, you are just learning and getting up to speed on the basics. Like, you learn how to eat, walk, talk, play, study, interact with others, and express feelings and emotions, etc. You are mostly a consumer in this phase, as you are dependent on others, like your parents, to survive and make decisions for you. Even when you graduate from college, you barely scratched the surface of your chosen field.

WTF phase 😐:

Unlike college, in real life, there is only the 101 phase as an introduction for life, then you hit the real world. This cause a shock, stress, and insecurities. This is mostly because reality did not meet your expectations. For some, this phase might start earlier triggered by a life event, like loosing a loved one, sickness, going through war, natural disaster, etc. Some consider this as a quarter-life crisis. Some people might get stuck in this phase forever, and just move from a crisis to another, e.g., quarter-life crisis to midlife crisis, etc. Graduating form the WTF phase requires a strong will, and determination that you simply Do Not Give a F*ck anymore!

Do Not Give a F*ck phase 😃:

The earlier you get to this phase the better. Some never reach this phase, some reach this phase near the end of their lives, and some get here early and enjoy long happy lives. Here are some tips on how to reach, and stay in this phase forever:

  1. Simply give less f*cks: this one is self-explanatory
  2. Listen to your heart: the brain being extremely logical tries so hard to keep you in the WTF phase, so listen to your heart instead. Do not overthink things…
  3. Be flexible, and open to all possibilities: species that survived the years, were not the strongest, they were the ones that were able to adopt the most
  4. Define success on your own terms: you are your own boss
  5. Define your values in life: reflect on good memories and make it your goal to replicate them as much as possible
  6. Create your own path, and enjoy the journey: based on #3 and #4 above, create a vision of your own future, and start acting on it
  7. Do not be overwhelmed that you have to accomplish big things immediately: it is about commitment, being consistent, and taking baby steps every day/week. Just keep going!
  8. Accept that life is unfair, and make your own luck: again just keep going regardless of the circumstances
  9. Train your brain like a professional athlete: be resilient and embrace the challenges of life
  10. Balance, balance, and balance: work that pays the bills and a side hustle that you enjoy, workout and recovery, healthy diet and having cheat meals, etc.
  11. Happiness is a decision: last but not least, choose to be happy regardless of what is going on at the moment. Do not delay your happiness and make it contingent on something else, because you will never be happy

P.S. Mark Manson offers a counterintuitive approach and covers additional tips and some of the above in his book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. But I will leave it up to you to decide which recipe you would like to follow, or maybe create your own 😉 The goal is the same which is to reach the Do Not Give a F*ck phase as soon a possible.

To be continued…



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